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about 1.4.2:
My buffer wasn't really 28022. It was probably a display bug. I noticed the number dropped below 10K to 4 digit numbers but the lefternmost digit did not disappear as one would expect. The number kept aligning itself to left while counting down, freezing the righter digits as it went to 4 digits then 3, 2 and 1. 28022 was false information, my true remaining buffer was 2 as only the left digit was correct. This is why I saw that error.

about 1.4.3:
I can run a folder with 460 games in it just fine now but anything above 500 games is a sure crash to desktop. I didn't need to try with 1800 games, 700 was enough to crash it. Happened exactly at number 500. Buffers appeared to be around 30k at that moment but I don't trust that information. Still it feels like the exe is not really unlocked for +500.

Still, I have a working copy now. Even this is cool. Thanks.

random info: I'm running OS 3.9 if that helps.

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