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Yes it will contain them all.....I already have most in but the anims are what takes the time.....

The reason the launcher exits is because of the delay loading the exe sub menus...once you click launch you have to wait for the second menu to appear and if you click anywhere on the screen the launcher comes to the front hence hiding the game....exiting the launcher was the only option. Its a little annoying but i have not found a cure yet...But i an still thinking about it

All the key configs are universal on all the games...the usual amiga keys. But because they are individual Exe's ( unlike Vice does all on the 64 version ) your gonna have to setup your individual games pressing F12 but becuse the final version will be installed you will be able to save each config for each game....

One more thing.....This launcher is specificly for the company exe's....i am also making my own using HDF's and Adf's which will return to the menu but that wont be for a few months
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