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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Uh, both were released 1992. The Amiga 1200 came out that year, the SNES came out 1990. How do you figure it wasn't competition? If it wasn't for the SNES, the Amiga might actually made bigger sales, and commodore would perhaps not have gone bust.
SNES for US/JPN was 1990, '92 everywhere else. Commodore had their own niche carved out, they fucked it up all on their own. If the 1200 and 600 had been what they should have been, and if Mehdi Ali hadn't snorted most of commodores finances up his nose, rather than spending it on R&D...

The SNES was cool, but not that much better than the A500 for games, we were all expecting AGA to blow it away..after all, it had been 7 years since OCS.

As for the SNES power, it was 21mhz running on an 8 bit bus. Derived from a MOS (re: commodore) design. Had a nice DSP in there though.

It's funny watching consoles gain more computer functions, and PC's getting smaller, gaining TV out and with win8 -a more TV friendly interface.
That was the Amiga's main niche right there.
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