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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
The SNES was more powerful than the NeoGeo.

NeoGeo had a 12MHZ 68000 processor. SNES had a 30MHZ Nintendo-built processor.

The SNES altogether also had 256kb of RAM, the NeoGeo had 140kb.
Sorry, but when i read this i just have to comment on it.

The Neo-Geo was MILES more powerfull than the SNES. It was a "real" arcade machine disguised as console !

I have a Neo Geo, and some cardridges use 330Mbit of data or even more, when the highest for the SNES were 32Mbits.

The games were much more colorfull , with bigger sprites than on the SNES. The sound was also much better.

Well, just compare same games that exists on Neo-Geo and on SNES on Youtube, you will fast realize it.

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