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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Not really. Almost everyone knows of Super Mario, Alex KiDD, and so on. I'm not going to argue that consoles had better games, but the kid who had a Amiga stood out like a sore thumb, it was more expensive, and few parents bought it for the kids. The kid who got one had five games for about as long as it took him to find someone else on the school-grounds who also had a Amiga, and then he had at least ten. most likely someone on the schoolyard had some access to copies, and then the pool of games exploded. So the games the kid was playing when the parrot, sorry, parent checked in on him was ever changing, and so his memories of the gaming experience isn't focused on the particular game, but rather the flexibility and availability of multiple games.
Compare this with the kid who had a NES. He had 5 games to. If he was lucky he could loan a game every now and then, but on average those five, was all he had. He played them over and over, and the gaming experience was about that one game that he just couldn't stop playing. He, his friends, and relatives all remember that stupid Super Mario...

Me? I had a C64. Ricochet and Zolyx were the most used original games i had. A bunch of "turbo tapes" saw infrequent use, but i seam to remember going back to those two over and over. First long after everyone else grew tired of the Amiga i got a secondhand A1200. Luckily that was a good time, as older brothers were giving their Amigas to younger brothers, or even threw them away. Ended up with a somewhat good collection of parts and toys. But talking to people, hardly anyone agree on the most popular game for them. It ranges from K-240, to Moonstone, Syndicate, and Theme park. Hardly anyone remembers The secret of monkey island, and if they say Leisure Suit Larry, they snicker, or chuckle after...

The best game is a title hard to give any game, much less then the "best game platform". But when it comes to popularity, at least here in Sweden, the Amiga doesn't stand a chance.
I see what you mean, and I do agree for the most part. It definitely wasn't the most mainstream gaming platform, but there were A LOT of games for the Amiga that, at least NOW, are considered to be real classics (maybe not appreciated at the time). And like I said earlier, it definitely beat any other computer of that time in my opinion when it came to games. sure, there was the Atari st and other systems that many games that came out for the Amiga were also released for, but I like to think that for the most part they were better on the Amiga when it comes to graphics and sound.
Anyway, you bring up a great point!
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