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Originally Posted by khph_re View Post
How well will it emulate classic 68k? And would I get '030 speeds at least?
It won't be an Amiga to me unless it's fast enough to run all my legacy software.

But i'm definitely interested, especially as it has a powerVR chip. Very nice.

It depends on how fast this PPC is, I'm guessing 300mhz, should be ok for the 020 Jit emulation as I imagine it would have decent speed Ram.

My 330mhz Classic PPC (Blizzard) struggles with emulation under OS4.1 but I think it is mainly to do with the Ram/Bus, I keep meaning to try OS4.1 Classic on my 233mhz Cyberstorm PPC as this is much faster with normal PPC apps due to the 64bit Ram.

I imagine the Bus/Ram on the Netbook would make a lot of difference.

My 800mhz AmigaOne is really fast when it comes to 68k emulation, the 68k port of Quake for example seems to scream along at 60fps

Be interesting to hear more on the specs of this machine.

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