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It's a shame we cant go back in time and divide your schoolyard up in console vs computer groups, but i will actually claim you proved my point. What we remember most fondly is how easy it was to obtain new games, not the games it self. You kinda involuntarily proved that point with citing X-Copy as a head turner rather then Settlers. I'm not saying games are worse, far from, remember, i have a Amiga. Instead i'm just saying that it's a lot less popular, and always was.

Heck, i had to buy my computers my self, while my sister got those pesky consoles for birthday gifts. Life just isn't fair. She kept bugging me to be allowed to play games on the C64, yet the games she remember is all on the NES/SNES.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Well, the SNES was released 1992 in Europe. It doesn't really competed with the Amiga. The PC and later the PSX were the commercial death.
Uh, both were released 1992. The Amiga 1200 came out that year, the SNES came out 1990. How do you figure it wasn't competition? If it wasn't for the SNES, the Amiga might actually made bigger sales, and commodore would perhaps not have gone bust.
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