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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Perhaps a stupid question, but seeing as the Amiga has somewhat of a limitation as to the buttons on the controller, and the SNES use at least 6 buttons, 8, if you include start n' select, i assume you configure these on the Amiga keyboard?

Trying to figure out how this compare with playing SNES on the PSP or XBOX. With the Amiga not really able to show any TV image at this time, i cant test, and make up my own mind. Stupid TV wont accept the video signal so it just flashes a frame every now and then. It's a bloody tease.
Confusion here ??

You know these Launchers are to emulate on a PC not an Amiga dont you ??

Originally Posted by Amiga Forever View Post
Where is Amiga Launcher as I cant seem find in your website
Still working on it ....that one has animated screens its taking longer....i have a demo i may put up later but its quite big dunno if i have the room on my site

Originally Posted by paulo_becas View Post
I just uploaded to the zone all of the Super Bomberman games for Snes, hope you can use them on your Snes Launcher
Grabbed them all thanks but im sure super Bomberman 1 and 2 was on my list i posted anyway

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