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Are you guys into other operating systems? I assume so, having tasted AmigaOS back in the day, it should be really difficult to settle for anything else... and do you program in any way? Java, C, C++, or scripting languages like Python, Ruby, PHP? Or perhaps you do some graphics work? And do you still like to play the Amiga's retro gems (Sensible Soccer, Wiz'n'Liz, Megalomania, Hired Guns, LionHeart, Dynablaster, Gravity Force, ...)?

The reason I ask is that ever since I entered university I wanted to do an "alternative" operating systems party: the WASP! Or Wordwide Alternative Systems Party! I've got the logo design and a couple of ideas for it shelved somewhere. It basically consists of a simple get together of people interested in the World outside the Wintel bubble; AmigaOS, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, Java J2ME on cell phones, Android... I envisioned it with four corners, one for programming, one for graphics artists, one for music artists and one for players. The idea was that people could learn from one another, and maybe build a small project together (a game idea, maybe?).

It would require a lot of attendants (from the 3 different areas) to pull something like this off satisfactorily, but I guess we could do a small party with Amiga people, and just share our experiences, our history, and some game playing.

Truth is we already have a very big, strong "LAN party" for developers in Portugal: the Sapo Codebits. They have amazing resources and put up a spectacular show, and being somewhat web-centric, the core technologies on the party are very interesting and often out of the Wintel world.

Does any of you intend on going this year? I'm already accepted!
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