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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
@ roy bates or Amigakit ... if you are booting from a device connected to the 2.5 port on the Fast ATA MKIV doesn't the speed just remain the same as the standard Amiga native IDE ?

I have a CF Card in my A1200 which is obviously connected via an adaptor that plugs into the Amiga IDE - this give slow/average speed - This CF Card contains the System boot partition.

If I install a Fast ATA MKIV in this A1200 and then plug the CF Card adaptor into the 2.5 port of the Fast ATA I will still be booting from this CF Card System partition but it will just be going through the Fast ATA Controller rather than the Native Amiga IDE... I'm pretty sure that I wont see any difference in speed on the connected CF Card because your boot device has to stay at the speed that the Amiga recognises in order to boot... (PIO 0 ??)

I don't know this for sure - can any one confirm?

If it's true what I say then it's pretty pointless buying a Fast ATA if you only have one IDE Hard Drive or CF Card device in your set up - because you have to boot from this one and only IDE device it will have to remain at the same original speed in order for the Amiga to boot.

If you are thinking of adding more IDE Devices, CD ROM, additional Hard Drives etc. then I guess you would benefit from the increase in speed the Fast ATA MKIV offers on the additional IDE ports.

I'd really welcome some more info on this and perhaps confirmation as to whether I am talking total rubbish...

no mate the 2.5 device on the fastata will be sped up as well.
and you wont be able to use the amigas native port or the first 3.5 inch connector on the fastata.if you have a 2.5 inch device plugged into the 2.5 inch port on the fastata.

hope this helps roy.
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