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I'm definitely saving up for one. I already own several classic Amigas and Aros machines (desktops as well as a laptop and netbook) a PowerBook for MorphOS 3.0 (when it comes out) and a 400Mhz Efika which I'm currently running MorphOS on. I love the Amiga OS and its derivatives but I've never been able to afford any hardware that could run OS4. I'm intrigued by the OS, it has several features that MorphOS and Aros still haven't caught up with yet (although they both surpass it in other areas) and I would love to port my software to OS4. Since I've been using a 128MB 400Mhz Efika for MorphOS already I am sure the CPU in this new netbook will be sufficient, and with four times as much RAM I'll be able to open a lot more browser tabs in Origyn Web Browser than I currently can.
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