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Hi Tiago, that's a nice selection of Amigas you have. There is so much you can use those systems for, I use my A1200 with 030 as my main computer every day, I'm even posting from it here. There's a lot happening in the scene, including some A500 and A1200 accelerators and an improved Indivision coming out, an affordable netbook that runs AmigaOS 4.2, MorphOS 3.0 coming out for PowerBooks and other G4 Macs, and plenty of classic Amiga projects still going on too, like the beautiful looking Quests of Nargoth, a 3D RPG in 262,144 colour mode for AGA Amigas, Tracker Hero which is a fully playable Guitar Hero-inspired musical game for AGA Amigas (and soon OCS too), and perhaps we'll have a few more games if anyone enters our latest annual game making competition.

Also, there's the upcoming Amiga Multiparty. This is where people have their own parties or just celebrate alone from home together at the same time while keeping in contact online through webcams, IRC and Facebook. Check out the invite here [ Show youtube player ]

Feel free to ask anything about your Amigas on the forum, many of us are happy to help out.
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