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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
I added 50 games today some requests and some im familier with but if i can get another 50 i could have a first release tomorrow night so any help appreciated ...At this point im really not sure whats good or rubbish

A few more classic requests would be great

Here is whats on the launcher so far

Bomberman 1
Bomberman 2
Contra 3
Donkey Kong Country
Dragons Lair
Final Fantasy 3
Jungle Strike
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park 2
Killer Instinct
Legend of Zelda
mario kart
Mortal Kombat.
Mortal Kombat2
Out of this world
Rise of the Robots
street ffighter 2 turbo
StarTrek DS9
Star Trek Next Generation
Star Trek Starfleet Acadamy
Super Chase HQ
Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Mario All Stars
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Super PunchOut
Super Return of the Jedi
Super StarWars
Super Strike Eagle
Super Turrican
Super Turrican 2
Tecmo Basketball
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4
Toy Story
Ultimate Mortal Kombat
Urban Strike
Wing Commander
Wings 2
WWF Super Wrestlemania
Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Looking good Synchro, It would be cool that you include all the super bomberman collection personally i play them all.
Here's a few games i would like to see in the launcher:

Sensible Soccer,Sensible Soccer International Edition, Super Bomberman(all), Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Rock 'n' Roll Racing, Sim city, Cannon Fodder, Earth Worm Jim 1 and 2, Booger Man, Final Fight, Sunset Riders (this one is a must be), All the Mario games you can find, Damn, i could be here all day.

Just do your best and i'm sure that whatever the result, will be a great one. Keep up this awesome job
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