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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
The SNES was more powerful than the NeoGeo.

NeoGeo had a 12MHZ 68000 processor. SNES had a 30MHZ Nintendo-built processor.

The SNES altogether also had 256kb of RAM, the NeoGeo had 140kb.
Where the heck did you get these specs/figures from. Theyre very wrong

The snes had a 3.58mhz Richoh 5A22. The 5A22 is based around the 16-bit CMD/GTE 65c816, itself a version of the WDC 65C816 (also used in Apple2 GS).
The video hardware in the NeoGeo also dwarves the snes hardware.

Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
Sometimes when sites do reviews of my emulator they say "It's also available on the Amiga of all systems!" :-(
Which emulator is that if you dont mind me asking? Sounded like you was speaking in current tense, so I can only assume youre talking about amiarcadia ? (only currently developed amiga emu so far as I know besides more or less straight recompiles of existing emus).

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