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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Give Jens a call. I think he'd be happy to hire you if you could get him to get away with slower (cheaper parts) for the same performance, which is basically what your saying is possible. I'm pretty sure i saw a thread where he explained how he was pushing the ram already.

Your solution to adding something that rarely makes your system faster, is to make it slower all the rest of the time? Revolutionary thinking.
I doubt Jens would be willing to hire me even if I could reduce the cost of his ACA boards or show that adding an FPU won't seriously hurt their performance. I live in USA and he's in Germany. Also, he's trying to keep his operating costs as low as possible.

As far as adding another wait state to ACA memory cycles, I thought I said this would be an "unlikely worst case scenario". However, even if it were necessary, it might reduce integer performance by 10-20%. A small price to pay for a few hundred % increase in Floating Point.

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