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Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
First most SDRAM's are rated to run at > 100 Mhz and yes you have to pay careful attention to capacitance specs. at these clock speeds. However, his fastest ACA card is only running at 1/2 this clock speed and the specs. can be relaxed enough to allow light loading on the address and/or data buses.
Give Jens a call. I think he'd be happy to hire you if you could get him to get away with slower (cheaper parts) for the same performance, which is basically what your saying is possible. I'm pretty sure i saw a thread where he explained how he was pushing the ram already.

Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
In the unlikely worst case scenario he might need to add one more wait stait to ACA memory cycles.
Your solution to adding something that rarely makes your system faster, is to make it slower all the rest of the time? Revolutionary thinking.
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