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Originally Posted by BuckChowSimmons View Post
Hi there!
Thank you for the nice advice, I did it and it still flashed me a "software Failure" ... I read somewhere on this site that it could be a possible battery leakage on the motherboard
No. Amiga 1200 has no battery inside so its motherboard cant be damaged by this way. Battery leakage is relevant to Amiga 500+, Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000 mostly. The only place where you can find battery in A1200 is a turbo/memory board, that can be optionally placed in the trapdoor slot of your computer. You can check it easily - take a coin, use it to open trapdoor at the rear side of your Amiga 1200 and if the bay there is empty, your Amiga is in its basic configuration. If there is "something" installed, take a camera and shoot us a photo.

It would look for example like this

And beside this: what exactly does your Amiga do, when you turn it on without a floppy disk inserted? It should flash white and light grey shortly and then the purple screen with "insert disk" animation should appear.
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