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Really? Thats even better.

So to the original post:

Hold both mouse buttons while you turn on (or reset) your Amiga. Early startup menu should appear. Here tag "Disable CPU caches" and then go to the chipset menu and choose "Original". Now click "Boot". And then insert your Turrican disk.
Hi there!
Thank you for the nice advice, I did it and it still flashed me a "software Failure" ... I read somewhere on this site that it could be a possible battery leakage on the motherboard, I can only guess it may be the unit itself, because It was an ebay item I bought from a person who told me that they know nothing about how to fix it because he let me know that he only used it for business, not for any gaming, but I want to point out that I am so happy that you told me about the menu because it was nice to see I can actually operate this technology, I am just like my grandmother when it comes to my skill of the Computer loool I will just have to look around to shop for a very good one, I just thought it was a good idea to get the actual original items even though I never grew up with an AMIGA system..... the closest I got is UNIVERSAL SOLDIER for the Sega Genesis. Hey, THANK YOU Mr. Predseda for setting me a little straight on my AMIGA Pre-Schooling ( I'm that bad at my knowledge for this Legendary Computer system) Take care!

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WHDLoad would be the safest bet for running the games properly on an A1200 (assuming it has a hard drive!) as the games probably have some blitter issues.
LOL! you wanna REALLY know how dull I am? I thought the motherboard and the floppy drive under the keyboard WAS the hard drive!!!! lmao then my "in-law" set me straight and shook his head and said: "No it is NOT the hard drive" I wanted to crawl in a hole!! loooool

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