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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
....sigh.... still i have Dreamcast! and yummy thing it is... i just need a gun that compatible with a plasma screen
Do you know if there is actually a way to get a light gun working on an LCD/Plasma screen? I picked a 15inch tube television out of a dumpster for exactly this reason so I could play house of the dead . Unfortunately it just isn't quite as exciting when you sit more than 5 feet away...
I have a game that uses a gun for my Xbox 360 and it uses some kind of receiver... Maybe there is a way to build a receiver that works universally with the NES zapper, Dreamcast guns, and pretty much any other light guns?

Anyway, HUGE dreamcast fan right here! The only thing that was wrong with the DC is that it was just too far ahead of its time (kind of like a certain other machine some of us might know ). I really wish there was a bigger home brew scene out there...
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