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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I am totally stuck with real hardware issues that can't happen in emulation. Namely 68060 copyback cache. If it is enabled, Blizzard SCSI hangs during booting, time to hang is random.
This bug was finally found (details will be explained in another post soon..).

CopyBack is again enabled by default which increases performance greatly, also MMU is used to remap arosbootstrap loaded rom image to real fast from chip if accelerator fast ram is not MEMF_KICK capable (for example Blizzard A1200 accelerators), result is another big speed up.

040/060 MMU is used by default, 030 requires "mmu" command line parameter because EC030 can't be easily detected, in worst case it hangs the system instantly.

card.resource is also implemented, etherlink3 and prism2 driver compatible PCMCIA cards will work soon..
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