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Originally Posted by paulo_becas View Post
Really cool
When do you think the final version is complete?
How can i add games to it?

Great job man, looking forward to see this finished
I will probably release it like c64 launcher...Start with say 200 games and expand.....

New update of the C64 Launcher with another 100 games added coming shortly.

Amiga launcher making good progress ...Its a bit slower process because of the animated screens but worth it.

Again the snes is a standalone launcher like the others so unfortunatly i code as i go so adding your own games is not possible....Besides the idea of these are load and play without the need to struggle with anything just click and play....There are loads out there you can spend ages setting up so i wanted to just do away with that hassle for people.

Of course any games you really want just gimmie a list
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