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Hi there!

LuigiBlood here, also known as KiiroBomber (YouTube) and Seru-kun (IRC).
I'm almost 18, and i'm a retro fan from France.
I didn't really knew about the Amiga until like, 5 years ago(?), when i played Another World.
Yes, i'm a Cinematic Platformer fan, so Flashback, OnEscapee (or now, The Escapee), Another World, etc... are my thing. Wish i can make my own.

I'm used to be a SNES homebrewer and hacker nowadays, and i'm the leader of a project called "BS-X Project", which is mostly about reverse enginnering the Satellaview, SNES addon that uses a Satellite to download games, DLCs, etc..
Official Website:

...So i don't know what else i can say... ^^'
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