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Hittin' the hardware...

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I had a chance to use one at AmiWest yesterday.

Bear in mind the last Amiga machine I used was an A500+030 it was one of the best user experiences I've had in a while, only wish my Mac was as snappy; happy Amiga re-user! I think to look at it for the potential of what can be done with a 2nd core and with Xena/XMOS is incomparable to the netbook, they are aimed at totally different users and it's a shame that production is so expensive unless made in the 1000s.

I'm wondering if it's possible to do custom chip emulation in Xena for classic app compatibility and also UAE with a PPC JIT for games, is this even useful for modern Amiga users; I don't know? Since those chips are also available as PCI Express cards, perhaps combined with a Thunderbolt adapter the same could be done for my Mac. That would be kinda cool, for me at least! :/
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