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Originally Posted by kire_online View Post
I like the idea of a modern Amiga, been using PCs and Mac for day to day stuff since I sold my first A500. Back in 1991 I reluctantly sold my A500 to buy an overpriced PC, makes me sad when I think back;

Intel 486DX33
250Mb Hard Drive
Tsenglabs ET4000 1Mb Video
Soundblaster Pro
14" Multisync SVGA Monitor
5.25" and 3.5" Floppy (CDROM was a later upgrade)

$AUD 3,000 (£1,350 - back in 1991, £1,945 today)
Yeah, computer stuff back then was a lot of money - mainly because of the userbase... much like OS4x is now (i.e. small). Nowadays the PC market is so huge they cost ten a penny for a mid spec system.
The Amiga netbook looks very interesting... that's something that floats the boat
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