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Cant find a link, but i think there is an issue with the ACA1230, MMU, and WHDLoad. Is this issue perhaps "reworked" with the ACA1231? Pretty much it meant the MMU had to be disabled for WHDLoad to work, or else it froze up. Wasn't much of an issue, since MMU was default disabled on 68030 for WHDLoading... But if i remember right, Bert claimed it was something the ACA1230 did with some MMU things, that caused the freeze. And Jens claimed it was WHDLoad misbehaving. And it was pretty much agreed on that it wouldn't be solved. Havent been able to try the latest WHDLoad, so Bert might have included a workaround, or Jens fixed the new design... But if not then the MMU bit of the sales pitch is not only slightly exaggerating, but outright wrong ;- )
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