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Originally Posted by A500Man View Post
Originally Posted by Vesalia
The MMU can not only be used to map a Kickstart ROM image to FastMem, it's also crucial for WHDLoad
Someone better tell the WHDLoad people.. I don't think they know an MMU is "crucial" for WHDLoad..

Gotta love the hype..

It's a great piece of kit.. No need to hype like that..
I love my 1230/28 (withOUT the crucial MMU...)!!

(Even tho it just gave me a heart attack... I replaced my CF-IDE adapter with one that will work with the HD LED just now and when I put it all back together, the computer didn't work.. Thought I had burned out the IDE chip or whatever.. Then I remembered my 1230 had a "touchy" fit.. Re-seated it a bit, working happy again.. Whew! :-)

p.s Not implying that the 1230 is touchy!!! My 8M FastRAM card was the same!!!
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