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Originally Posted by uridium View Post
My 5c worth is that I'm surprised people avoid a500 accels. Commercially they are the most common machine. I'd pay 600$au easily for an accel that has no 68000 (add your own) no 060/040 (add your own), and 1 SDRAM slot. PC133 spec would be fine and a SATA port.
Your not likely to find a commercial distributor that designs a product for the A500 that is built around this concept today. For the same reason Jens went with surface mounted memory and the whole thing. As soon as you add variables, you open a big can of worms. I made it, i sold it, now i got to support it. But is it the CPU's, the memory, the A500, or my product that is the culprit?
I only want to waste time and money on you if it's my product, everything else is an outright loss of funds for me. But with your design-concept, i'd have no idea, and no choice but to provide support for every flaky A500, and estranged CPU/memory combination.
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