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I am so desperate to know this.
I want to play TURRICAN and TURRICAN II on any LCD screen in its PERFECT form, and I can attatch any game controller to the device. I am the dumbest to know any Computer terminology, so I am very very easy to completely throw off. I am a only iMAC user, but I will buy a PC, because I love them too. I bought an AMIGA 1200 off of eBay and 2 copies of TURRICAN and TURRCAN II.. they all can't play past the title screen, they freeze up and give me a "software error/failure" screen then reset the whole game. Then the amiga 1200 clicks constantly, and I am the worst person to fix things. no one in my family won't help me, any one i know here DON'T know what an AMIGA is, or EVEN know what a TURRICAN is. NO one I know in person don't even know or care about EMULATIONS or EMULATORS, so helping me is the last thing they want or has the time of the day to do. I really need help, please help me, sorry for sounding so panic and I am so sorry if I posted wrong anywhere, I am just having an anxiety attack because I just want a PERFECT "GLITCH-FREE" COMPLETE NEVER DYING PERFECTLY PRESERVED copies of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II to play on ANY LCD (or most LCD's) HDTV, or monitor, and I can carry it anywhere with me to play very user friendly.
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