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Now that's a good idea, a party!

In the good old days, there were a few Amiga parties nearby called MiraAmiga (no prizes for guessing where they took place).

They were great get-togethers, with people from all over the industry. Even back then, we had a big projector screen for playing Sensible Soccer properly!

I took my Amiga 4000 there a couple of times. There was this episode of one of the attendees' Amiga flying off the car through the windshield, on an emergency braking, landing 20 meters away from the car. Despite a scratched case and a dead hard drive, the machine was back up online and kicking that very same day. The survivor!

But I digress. As soon as I have my prioritary stuff sorted out, I'll call my old friends from Amigaland and have a great Amiga gaming day!
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