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FreeCraft on Amiga (RTG)

SixK ported this back in 2002 with the claim that it was slow on his 040/33, but should work fine on 060. I have just got around to burning it to CD to try it on my A1500! Only to find that the CD is not recognized... So I thought I would check if anyone else has tried/can try it before burning another... I only have an 040/40 so it could be too slow...

It can be found here:

An older version is on

Several other games are still downloadable from that site, but most are probably too slow on real hardware...

The data uses long filenames and some have been truncated in the archive. So it is best to look for another source to install the data from...
It will require a filesystem like PFS or SFS because of this...
FreeCraft crashes if it is not running on a 16 bit screen, so may need mode promotion.

It works pretty well on WinUAE...
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