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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Why is there no update in this thread from Jens, while he speaks on a regular basis on the Indivision nextgen thread? Has the release schedule or specs of the A500 accelerator been confirmed by Jens?
This is important to me to know because i am willing to abandon some amiga models i own to concentrate on only a nice few, and i would like my first amiga ever, the A500 ti be parti of it.
Maybe Jens is waiting to make a new announcement at the AmiWest 2011 Show this coming weekend? IIRC, he has done it before and saved something new to announce at the AmiWest Show in the past.

Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post
It seems ACA520 will be usable also in a A1000
Where did you see this information posted? It is good news, if it is true. I know it probably won't happen, but I would like it to also work in a non-modified CDTV case.

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