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Good 2 player Amiga games?


Got a mate coming round tomorrow, thought i might try and introduce him to some Amiga games. He's never played one, despite being a couple of years older than me.

I don't have 2 mice, or else I'd have probably gone with Settlers and Lemmings, but i do have 2 SEGA Megadrive pads.

He doesn't really like:

Racing games (except Forza, as he feels it's the only racing game out there that feels realistic)

My mind is just blank, preferably a game without long loading times, or slow gameplay, such as Scorched Tanks, amazing game, but takes too damn long to play a single round.

If it's a PD game, it would be nice to be told where i could find it in ADF format, as i suck at dealing with PD games in just their general form.

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