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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
for amstrad, you need to use CPCE to load the CDT file, and then save as WAV, but a WAV form that is perfect to load on the real computer.

The mp3 format is destructive, i did already many test, and some games can't be outputed correctly by most tools like tape2wav, cdt2wav.

the sound level needs also to be set on both digital tape and amstrad cpc.

Other than that, i am able to launch and run any CPC tape game on my real hardware (CPC 464, CPC464+).
I've tried various playback devices and can never get a loud enough volume output, this was for the ZX Spectrum.

It is probably worth noting that you will find this on all laptops and media playback devices. These days the decibel output is regulated for safety reasons.
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