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Originally Posted by Dwyloc View Post
@Toni Wilen
I am just happy to see AROS-m68k making such good progress, their is something special about seeing and Open Amiga OS reimplementation running classic hardware on a modern open hardware reimplementation of Amiga hardware.

I know that WinUAE is probably a more cost effective way of running old Amiga software, but its always nice to have more than one way of doing things and the Minimig does take up much less space and use less power than a PC or even an A500 setup with a harddisk.
Compatibility with classic hardware is the main goal.

Badly behaving emulation or re-implementation is considered broken and won't be supported unless it can be easily worked around without breaking compatibility with real classic hardware.

Missing Gayle ID can't be worked around. Gayle ID can be read safely on all classic hardware models and it can be used to identify different hardware very easily, other model specific registers aren't that safe.
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