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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
I have to admit that I generally prefer the Lucasfilm games myself. They usually strike the right difficulty level and are solvable without walkthroughs.
Well my 9-year old self did need a hint every now and then, especially in Zak Mckracken. What a mindbender!

I've never been able to get very far into most of the Sierra games without extensive hints.
That is true for most later games, but the old pixelated EGA versions (KQ123, Larry 1, SQ1, PQ1) are very doable - if you have the manual. Its in the logic of the puzzles IMO; in Lucasarts games its usually in some way made obvious what you should be using to solve a particular problem, while in Sierra games I caught myself just trying to use every item I was carrying around whenever I found something that was interactive.

On the other hand the Sierra games, before they went point and clicky, had the almighty 'look' command.
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