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awesome work toni!!

winuae just keeps getting better; personally i'm looking forward to sane's kaillera version, so that we can get some lan/internet play going on with some of the aga games using opengl =D

i kinda think it might be a good idea to think of possibly merging forces/sources and including the kaillera and multiplayer-net stuff as default with winuae; it's definitely a handy option for quick jaunts into retrogaming =]

i have a question though, i know this would delve into the realm of non-pixel-accurate emulation, but what do people think of doing post-frame scaling and filtering? i mean, you could take the frames before they've been sent to opengl (or after, possibly?) and do things to the image like those that xmame does, or some of the other emulators do;

does anyone else besides me think this would be possibly useful/helpful, especially in "beautifying" some of the older low-res games? it's been done successfully with a lot of other emulators; everything from atari to playstation, with some really nice effects with lower-res games.
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