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If someone need simple instruction how to load C64 games with very cheap tape adapter, also very cheap Vakoss digital player (sorry, I don't know name of this model) and standard C64 tape drive:
- download game in .t64 format
- download WAV-PRG 3.6 and Audiotap 1.6 installer for Windows
- install and run wav-prg application
- select .wav, do not change any settings, click OK and choose your .t64 file, open, save
- connect Vakoss device to PC with USB cable, you don't need any drivers
- copy converted wave file to AUDIO directory
- disconnect Vakoss device, play converted file and change equalizer settings to 'R' by pressing top right 'shoulder' button, set volume to max by pressing up on d-pad
- insert tape adapter into tape drive, audio cable should be on right side of adapter
- try to close tape drive, you need to use some force, but not much, audio plug should stay outside
- connect audio cable from tape adapter to audio output of Vakoss device
- turn on C64
- press shift+runstop on C64
- press play button on tape drive and Y button on Vakoss device at the same time
- press and hold for ~15 seconds space key to skip tape drive pause
- play game

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