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Rui Sousa
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Hi, i have my very first Amiga 1200 i bought it back in 1994, a few months later i bought my first Amiga 500 from a co-worker of my father used but like new, i still have them both, alive and kicking, prior to that me and my brother played on a commodore 64 that still kick ass today. maybe 4 or 5 years ago a friend of mine gave me is own Amiga 500 with the monitor, and last year we've bought another 1200 from E-bay, before that all my amigas The 1200 and the two 500, were out of work for 8 (?) years with the floopys dead, about 2 years ago my brother (who is a computer genius) find a way to convert PC floopys to the Amiga and everything came alive again, today all the four amigas we own are all tuned up and working, with accelarator cards, HD, dvd-rom, extra memory, and all the games you can think about
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