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I thought I made it pretty simple

1/ you put it where you want on your drive.
2/ you drop de library in /libs
3/ you launch it and the 'system check' tell you what to do.

What to do is nothing less than editing a file and saving it


For you request, I have something for you.
The webmaster of 'Papiosaur' which is known for his MorphOS preinstalled distribution, is actually working on a 68k distribution for Amiga Classic,
(Kind of Classic Workbench) that will integrate Tiny Launcher.

But I still think that the easy way is to do like this:

-Copy all the files of the Workbench 2.X on your HDD
-Copy Tiny Launcher where you want on your HDD
-Copy the library on /libs

Then launch Tiny Launcher and it will tells you what to put in your startup-sequence.
Job done!

Some tips: you can do all this on a HDF file, so you can use it with your emulator of your choice on the plateform of your choice (xbox,morphos,ps3,Linux) you do it once and then you'll have your miggy everywhere
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