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I have the same similar problems with another games.... installed on WHDLoad... it's Cruise for a Corpse!

I have use the ClassicWB installed on WinUAE 2.3.3.... configuration Amiga4000 Power.

When i play this games and other games run so speed and i want to slow it!

How i can configure this setting for try to slow down this specific games ??

I have read on FAQ of WHDLoad:
check the Tooltypes (or the options if started from the CLI/Shell), many things can be adjusted setting Tooltypes, there is hardware which requires that you set the correct Tooltypes, maybe your system is to fast - so set NoCache, some games are working only under PAL or NTSC - so try the Tooltypes PAL and NTSC, some extra hardware creates at random interrupts which confuses the installed games/demo - so try Tooltype NoAutoVec, sometimes also the Tooltypes NoVBRMove and NoMMU may help
I have put all this value.... "Nocache" "NoAutoVec" "NoVBRMove" and finally "NoMMU".... now the games goes a little more slowly but i need to use all this value or i can remove someone ?
How it's possibly to found the function of this value ?

Whit other games i have installed i have some glitches during the games..... i have read on internet some glicht it's been caused by JIT active.... how i can disable for a specific games ?

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