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Would you come along to a Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Amiga usergroup? (Australia)

G'day everyone. Cammy and I are starting an Amiga usergroup for our area, because I've wanted one for most of my life and just never got around to starting one myself, and there never seemed to be one around here to join either. But recently we've noticed a few more local Amigans popping up, so we think the usergroup/club idea might have a chance.

It's possible we might have a special guest coming to the first meeting, maybe, maybe not. Let's hope so!

So, is anyone from around here interested in coming along, having a chat, demonstrating stuff on your Amiga or learning new things about them? We could maybe have a BBQ or something with it, or order pizza, have a drink if you want. I'm sure it'll be a pretty casual club, we're not very organised but we're good problem solvers so I'm sure we'll work it out as we go along.

So if you're from up Brisbane way, or down around Byron even, have a think about coming along. Most likely we'll have the first meeting at our place in Tweed Heads, where all the Amigas are set up. We'll clear a few extra tables for people to bring their own hardware along, or you can jump on one of the ones here and have a go.

Here's Cammy's original post, just in case I left something out:

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