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Originally posted by Drake1009
You might have a manual of some sort ECA. How about you giving a demonstration of the miracle method you want? Scan a page into JPG and then scan a page into what you want it and convert it to HTML. That'd make for easy comparison between the original manual and the recreation you're able to do. And do remember to time yourself. A PDF scanning takes roughly 1 minute per page.
Good idea.

Actually this PDF scanning is sounding better and better. Can I use images sources for Acrobat to do it's stuff? So instead of scanning, I give it a JPG or PNG... ? I have never tried... (this is for reasons mentioned before)

Otherwise, again, the images will have to be embedded. PDF being the "carrier" format. The images will still be huge, and you won't be able to search the manual.

Bit of a shitter really... Oh well.

On the plus, side, you will probably be able to rip the images back out of the PDF with some PDF image ripper tool.
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