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Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
I disagree. I think there is room enough for retro and modern computing.

Without dedicating much thought to it, there are several possibilities for modern systems built on Amiga ideals.

I think that to try to keep pace with the PC market would be a mistake, however there are other areas such as consoles where the technology is set in stone for several years and gives developers the oportunity to push the hardware to the limits before something new comes along.

Imagine a console with hundreds of classic games already available (through emulation or natively adaptable hardware) and the power to compete with x-box and other modern consoles.

That is just one area that could be exploited.

I am sure people will try to shoot that option down, but like I said, its only an idea.

Amiga 1000 was a superior revolutionary home computer/OS combination 25% cost of Mac/PC AND had better games technically than any console available at the time on launch day or 4 years later. A500 33% and 2 years.

Please let Amiga RIP and no more stickers stuck on overpriced or under-powered embarrassing crap. No need to ruin the legend of Miner/Mical/Needles as has been the case sine Commodore tanked .
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