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Hooooo Speed (fps) issues

Firstly, thank you Toni for your continued effort on such a fantastic piece of software.

I have been using the 21r2 since its inception as this has proved most compatible for me. I recently moved to your latest release and all worked well on my work pc

Celeron 1200 - 512Mb ram - Geforce4 mx440

However, my home pc has problems with this release. In 68040-jit mode everything runs as expected yet 68000/680ec20 I can not get more than 28fps. I have tried every conceivable configuration setting to no avail. Running in opengl/directx makes no difference. I have changed display drivers etc.

Home pc

Pentium 4 2.4 - 512Mb DDR - Geforce Ti4600 - Sb Audigy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as you have produced an amazing product that I enjoy using.

Thank you for your time
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