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Originally Posted by tero View Post
It's up to date, last version from april 2011 and it compiles code for and runs on Aros, WB3.x, OS4, MorphOS and windows.
True enough... I'm nowhere near running out of space yet, so Imight as well include it.

Speaking of still having plenty of space, does anybody have any PD game reccomendations. I currently have Babeanoid, Deluxe Galaga, Deluxe Pacman, Worm Wars, Keith's Quest, Lord of Alcandria (Chapters II and III, does Chapter I even exist), Kangband, ULarn, Tanx Squadron, Total Chaos, Adventure (the original text adventure) and Dungeon (the freeware mainframe version of Zork). Am I missing any really great games? I notice that my "Puzzle" folder is empty so far...
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