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roy bates
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hi heres my list.

A600(this is my wifes)
apollo630 16mb 030+mmu+fpu@50mhz
6.4gig harddrive kick3.1 os3.1

A1200D(work in progress)(rev1.B)
apollo1260@100mhz 64mb
10 gig harddrive cdrw(laptop mod)

A1200T(rev1.A)(A2000 keyboard)
apollo1260@100mhz 64mb
in a power tower that has been heavely modified
20gig harddrive zip250 dvdrw cdrw connected to a fastata
mediator with voodoo3 3000 sb128 10/100nic tvcard
kick3.9 os 3.9

A3000T(another work in progress)
blizzard csppc 060@80mhz 604e@400mhz fitted with 128mb of 50ns ram
picasso4 rtg toccata16bit sound card
20gig harddrive cdrw
kick3.1 os3.9 and os 4.0 (still tinckering with this)

and other systems including a falcon c64's spectrums etc
not many amigas at the moment but i am making a last starfighter cabinet to go in my living room(my wifes not happy about this one)

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