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I've got this back on track. Here's a pic of my set-up in its new home. It's nice to have it ready to play for half hour or so.


- Extended ROM boot switch fitted at rear
- Amiga RGB to Scart lead - gives excellent results on my ancient telly
- Found a new CDTV mouse, old keyboard and old black CD caddy
- HxC floppy emulator and transparent external enclosure
- Wrote a Workbench CD
- Got a CDTV to amiga joystick adapter on its way (brick-ette)
- Got a Cheetah Bug joystick

After some very good advice in this thread in the past I have decided to do the following, then leave it at that:

- Fix some non-functioning keys on the keyboard

- Get the HxC drive B (DF1) working. On the AMIDISK external floppy controller board that works the HxC it appears that DF1 is not wired to the floppy connector. I'm stuck on this one but will keep trying.

- Learn and burn some more bootable Workbench type CDs, perhaps with utilities, applications and files running off the CD. A bit slow, but I like the experience.

Things I'm not going to bother with, due to effort and cost are:

- WHDload
- Upgraded ROMS
- Any form of HDD
- Memory expansion
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