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Too many computers and consoles to mention, so I'll stick on topic and just list the Amiga related machines.

First and foremost I have an 1200+40mhz apollo '040 accelerator+32 meg fast RAM, pcmcia network card + 8 gig hdd. Would love a bigger drive, but I really dont want to screw with the machine too much and a bigger drive typically requires additional power. Has Mach 131, so eventually Id like to upgrade it to an '060.
Secondly (and probably my most used "amiga" machine) is my Amithlon box (core2duo clocked at 3.86ghz, Matrox g550, sb audigy, 1 gig ddr2@1066mhz).
And last, is my old AROS box (core2duo@4.1ghz, 3 gig ram, 512meg gf 9600gt).

Also have some more upto date pcs (and older junk) and some consoles, but theyre not running anything amiga related so aren't relevant to this thread
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