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I downloaded this new version and tried it out for the first time this weekend and it definitely feels more stabe than 0.8.21 r2 that I was using before.

And this new version works much better with some of the games I have tried so far. I could never get Xenon 2 to work before without graphics corruption, but now it works perfectly.

I also like some of the new additions to the features. And the Hardfile support seems to be better. The audio support also seems to work better so far.

Although it has crashed twice on me so far. Once when I selected 68040 and tried to boot a WB3.1 adf and the other time I tried to change the opengl settings.

I have found it works better with opengl switched off. But I haven't tried this on my other PC's so it might be a machine specific error.

I also tried accessing a few Amiga CD's while booted from a WB 3.0 hardfile and that also seemed to work better than before. Although it did crash when I tried to copy a dir from the CD to the hardfile HD. Although this used to happen on my real Amiga's as well so at least it's consistent.
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