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I have some good news regarding A3000 scsi.device 43.45! I decided to go back and give the "ExtractModule" version another try and Success! I now have it working with exec.library 45.20! Apparently, I missed a file in the first 3.9 build which caused the yellow screen.

So, I decided to try the version in BB3 & BB4 (it's the same size as the extracted version) and no boot! Just animated insert floppy disk screen.

So I will be sending this extracted or "hunked" version to Minuous for inclusion in BB3 or BB4. (it's probably not needed in both BB3 and BB4).

This should make Brett71, mfilos, gulliver, Cosmos and other A3000 users very happy! It's really cool when a hardware guy like me can solve this kind of problem. I really prefer to let the software guys handle these problems.

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